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Wagon Handrails


    • Can be made to suit any wagon
    • Made from 40 x 40 SHS
    • 6mm Heavy duty linked chain
    • Easily assembled into sockets and fitted to wagon body
    • Easily stored when not in use (ie. When Moving Containers /Site Cabins)
    • Specify Wagon Size for Quote

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Our Wagon Handrails are designed to give you maximum flexibility and minimum maintenance.

All Wagon Handrails posts are powder coated in yellow and weigh 3kgs each.

The chains are fitted with ‘snap links’ at both ends to allow for easy removal of individual chains.

All posts and chains are removable and can be stored neatly away in the storage container provided.

Guardrail system fitted to your vehicle by our fabricating team at our Langton’s workshop in 2-3 days.

Please See ‘Delivery information’ for more details

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