Everyone at Langtons is keen to make this Christmas one to remember as it will be the last in their current workshop located on Finkills Way.

Finkills Way has been home for Langtons for the past 42 Years but in the New Year there is a planned relocation into a more modern and larger facility in Northallerton.

We thought there no better way of celebrating this landmark Christmas than to get dressed up and recreate the nativity scene!



After some gentle persuasion and a lot of bribery (the princely sum of 12 mince pies and 43 shortbread biscuits) the steel fabricators were happy to pose for the photo as Shepherds alongside Chris our General Manager pretending to be a sheep (hopefully for the first time), Derek our Production Manager also donning the shepherds outfit and the rest of the staff making up the full cast.

We found our Swarf Hopper makes an excellent manger for baby Jesus and the Stair Safety Posts were great at keeping control of our sheep although these uses might not be in any of our promotional brochures anytime soon!

Langtons would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

P.S No animals were hurt in this production