Langtons would like to celebrate Nigel Barr’s wonderful service to the company over the past 40 Years; he’s been a valuable employee and a great member of the team.

Nigel, or Nige to his friends, started back in 1977 at the tender age of 16 where he spent his first few years as a second man on a site based crew. He would occasionally see his Father on site as he worked as a site manager for Walter Thompson Contractors Ltd, also part of the FT Construction Group.


After Nige gained valuable experience out on site he was transferred over to the workshop team in Northallerton where he started to build products. Nige would commute to work on his push bike from South Otteringham or even walk if the bike had a puncture as he has never learnt to drive!

We’ve estimated that in his past 40 Years with the business, Nige has made 11,911 skips, which, if you put them end to end, would run for 12.5 miles!!

He’s not finished yet though and continues to increase his phenomenal total by the day.